Our Services


We are a firm approved by the Ministry of Finance to conduct statutory audits and provides independent opinion on the truth and fairness of financial statements and compliance with the relevant statutes and the applicable accounting standards in Malaysia.

Assurance services will be provided professionally and objectively in accordance with the high standard of professional service required by the profession and industry. The quality and timely issuance of the audited financial statements will be given our first priority.

Business Advisory

Our approach in our advisory services has always been to provide our clients with follow through guidance and support throughout the engagement process. To us, the rendering of advisory services is more than just an engagement – it is a trusted client service relationship that businesses depend upon to make better and more informed decisions

Our advisory services cover:

  • Internal Audit
  • Special review & investigation (forensic auditing)
  • Due diligence & business valuation
  • Other accounting related business advisory required by management, directors and stakeholders

Text Compliance

With the imposition of self assessment system for companies in 2001 by the tax authorities in Malaysia, companies are required to meet more deadlines for the filing of returns. With more extensive returns to be filed each year, we can assist the management to ensure that they comply and meet the deadlines as stipulated by the tax authority.

Our services cover the preparation of tax returns together with the tax computations and their related schedules for submission to the Inland Revenue Board.

Tax Planning

We assist our clients in utilising the maximum benefit of the available deductions and tax incentives. Each year, changes are made to the tax legislations and incentives. We ensure that our clients derive the benefits from the various tax deductions and incentives provided by the tax authorities. We also advise our clients on the tax implications of each business transaction and deal which they may enter into.

Corporate Care & Recovery Services

Our partners are licensed by the Minister of Finance to accept appointment as receivers, managers and liquidators. Our recovery and liquidation unit covers the following services:

  • Corporate rehabilitation and turnaround exercise
  • Company strike-off under Section 308
  • Special Administrators – informal and formal (Section 176 of the Companies Act)
  • Members’ and Creditors’ Voluntary Winding Up
  • Court appointed liquidator under Section 227 of the Companies Act
  • Receivers and Managers
  • Monitoring/Investigating Accountants
  • Strategic Recovery Advisor
  • Debt Restructuring & Workout Assistance
  • Special Services to Financiers
  • Strategic Recovery Advice

Corporate Finance Services

The services that we provide are driven by our experience and values we can deliver to our clients. These services are catered to our clients’ need to ensure that they benefit from our corporate finance and business knowledge. In addition, we believe in teaming up with our clients to meet their desired goals of business success. Amongst the services we provide are:

  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Restructuring
  • Valuation
  • Business Coaching

Enterpreneurial Services

We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurial growth. Whether your company is owner-managed or venture-backed, we can help you to achieve your strategic objectives faster. Our professionals will advise you on financing matters, operating strategies, acquisitions and divestitures, expansion and personal wealth building.

In today’s economic environment, it is important to be linked to a Firm with the commitment and capabilities to facilitate entrepreneurial growth especially for small and medium size companies (SME’s).

Our professionals can help entrepreneurs achieve their objectives by providing valuable advice on key business activities and transactions and include identifying the financing requirements, financial & accounting process and systems, acquisitions and divestitures, operating strategies and expansion and wealth building and retention.

We can add value to entrepreneurs since we understand the opportunities and challenges faced by SME’s.